Medical Release of Information (ROI) requests pose a variety of challenges including deciphering between Right to Access requests and Authorizations. 

In an effort to reduce confusion and streamline delivery, the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) issued a template Patient Request for Health Information form.

This model form is designed to be a base template to be edited and adjusted by medical practices to suit their use cases rather than a catch-all for records requests.

Download our white paper to understand when and how the AHIMA guidance on forms should be used and when practice administrators need to edit and modify the template to address the different request types.

Give Your Staff More Time to Take Care of Patients

Seemingly small differences and changes in HIPAA-regulated processes can have big impacts on what medical practices must do to remain compliant and efficient.

Partners like ScanSTAT Technologies handle the growing volume of documents and requests every day so you can focus your precious resources more on patient care and less on administrative burden.

ScanSTAT's suite of medical back office solutions, including electronic Release of Information services, can offload administrative work, improve responsiveness and compliance, and keep you focused on patients.


Trust our team of HIM experts to...

  • Quickly process ROI requests on your behalf
  • Limit breaches and HIPAA violations
  • Eliminate the training and re-training of medical record clerks
  • Increase time spent on patient care

Focus on delivering high-quality care to your patients. Leave the back-office chaos and paperwork for us.

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