Optimize Your Personnel, Increase Your Efficiencies 

Support staff is essential to healthcare, and many are paid hourly. When it comes to hiring and managing staff for HIM and document management, the risk and complexity grows exponentially.

Unfortunately, turnover and error rates among hourly employees cause undue management burdens and compliance concerns.

Healthcare leaders are seeking alternatives to the constant churn and stress of managing and training hourly staff.

What’s more, hourly staff turnover is growing more common as employees are increasingly conscious of compensation and less committed to staying with the same employer. This white paper explores the risks, costs and benefits of retaining hourly employees in support roles such as HIM workers, records processing staff, insurance verification clerks, and more. Some of the considerations are not obvious.

Dealing With the Hourly Staff Dilemma

ScanSTAT Technologies employs a highly trained HIM team, many with experience in clinical settings, to deliver business process outsourcing services to medical practices. From inbound indexing and routing to outbound medical records processing to insurance verification and discovery services, we have the people and tested processes to augment your administrative team and support your providers.

Choose from a suite of back office solutions to streamline workflows, transfer liability and manage the growing volume of documents. 

Release of Information

Offload the time-consuming process of fulfilling ROI requests and gain a compliance “win” by working with a trusted business associate.

Clinical eFile Services and eFile Plus

Delegate incoming faxed and scanned documents to our clinically trained staff according to workflow processes defined by your organization.


Assign us to complete your forms and save clinical staff for what's important. We access your EHR directly and handle documents like FMLA, Short-Term Disability & Deposit form.

Security Risk Analysis

Ensure your organization is in compliance with annual HIPAA and other regulatory program requirements by doing a Security Risk Analysis each calendar year.

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