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Whether your organization is goverened by SAMHSA and 42 CFR Part 2 or not, you must be prepared for the additional compliance requirements if these heavily regulated records enter your practice. 

Thankfully, you have options for handling these confidential records and their higher than normal risk.

A growing opioid crisis and an increase in patients seeking treatment for substance abuse means there's a greater chance substance abuse treatment records could enter your organization.  Do you know how to implement the additional patient privacy protections required by SAMHSA, regardless of your status as a Part 2 entity or not?

Watch our webinar for a peer discussion including...

  • Implement necessary compliance to meet greater-than-HIPAA confidentiality requirements
  • Free up time staff spends on requestor phone calls and printing, mailing or faxing records requests
  • Eliminate costs spent on unprofitable but required workflow
  • Accelerate the turnaround time for sensitive records
  • Limit breach and violation liability: DataFile assumes HIPAA liability and remediation
  • Use ScanSTAT's expert team to seamlessly handle all Part 2 requests


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